Bishop T.D. Jakes - @BishopJakes

T. D. Jakes is a charismatic leader, visionary, provocative thinker, and entrepreneur who serves as senior pastor of The Potter's House, a 30,000-member church in Dallas. Named "America's Best Preacher" by Time Magazine, Jakes' voice reverberates from the world's most prominent stages. Through charitable works, T.D. Jakes extends help to the needy, compassion to the hurting, and empowerment to the oppressed. T. D. Jakes ranks among the 25 Most Influential African Americans, Britain's 100 Most Influential Black People and EBONY's Power150. His worldwide impact is felt through a media empire spanning film, television, radio, best-selling books, and conference series.


Rev. Samuel Rodriguez - @NHCLC

Named by The Wall Street Journal as one of "America's 7 Most Influential Hispanic Leaders," Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the California-based Christian Worship Center, is regarded as one of the     most prominent voices in social justice. Through his philanthropic efforts and commitment to issues such as poverty, AIDS, human trafficking, and social justice, Rev. Rodriguez makes an indelible mark on the world for the Kingdom of God. Featured as a guest speaker at the White House and named by CNN as "The Leader of the Hispanic Evangelical Movement," Rev. Rodriguez stands today as America's voice for Hispanic Christianity.


Pastor Marvin Sapp - @MarvinSapp

In addition to being the Founder & Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, a passionate orator and biblical teacher, Dr. Marvin Sapp is not just a singer that happens to preach. He is a preacher gifted to sing. Since age four, he has enjoyed a decorated music ministry and received Stellar Awards, a Grammy, a Soul Train Music Award, a Dove Award and multiple nominations. His latest album, 'I WIN', was released in April 2012 and has taken the world by storm with the hit single "My Testimony". Marvin is committed to his community and enjoys taking the message to the masses. His ultimate goal is to encourage believers to elevate their level of worship and praise. Being an excellent father, and in memory of his loving wife, Dr. MaLinda Sapp, Marvin begins this process at home with his three children: Marvin II, Mikaila and Madisson.


Pastor Chris Hill - @PastorChrisHill

God is using Pastor Chris Hill to help to redefine the scope and influence of the post-modern Christian pulpit. Over the past 7 years of his ministry, literally millions and millions of people have heard his unique message of Hope. He became a Christian and began to preach the Gospel before he was five years of age. Born the product of a broken family, he was raised in the rough inner city ghettos of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Having served as an urban youth pastor, an author, a professor, an activist, and an international evangelist, he comes armed him with a fresh and global perspective. His insights into the Word of God are both reverent and relevant enabling his messages to touch the lives of people from all cultures, denominations, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. His animated and articulate approach produces a gripping delivery that simultaneously captures both Saint and Seeker. With a heart for people, God is using Pastor Hill to help reignite the historic revival fire of Denver. As the leader of the 5,000-member church, The Potter's House of Denver, Pastor Hill serves the community through feeding programs, homeless outreach, prison ministry and crisis counseling services.


Bishop Michael Pitts - @BishopPitts

Bishop Michael Pitts is the founder of Cornerstone Church located in Toledo, Ohio and the Overseer of Cornerstone Global Network, Inc. with churches located across the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. As an International Apostle his ministry has impacted thousands across the globe. Michael Pitts is an accomplished author of several books whose revelatory message is resulting in the rise of a new generation of kingdom builders.


Chris Hogan - @ChrisHogan360

Chris Hogan is an All-American College football player and was a member of the 1991 Georgetown College National Championship Team. He holds an undergraduate degree from Georgetown College and a Master's degree from California University of Pennsylvania. Before joining Dave Ramsey's team, Chris owned a business and worked in the banking and mortgage industry. Today, he's known as "The Money Coach" to some of the biggest names in Hollywood and sports. He loves traveling the country helping people from all walks of life learn how to grow their businesses and succeed in their personal lives. A native of Kentucky, he now lives in Spring Hill, TN with his wife, Melissa, and three sons.

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